Let's Brunch

Let's Brunch

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Brunch, a meal designed for leisure and good times spent with family and friends, is the perfect target for Belinda Smith-Sullivan’s curated flavors and hospitality. This down-home connection to food is the base for her more sophisticated ingredient and spice combinations. Explore some of her tastiest dishes yet with brunch menu ideas like Collard Green and Rice Casserole served with Honey Pepper Bacon, a side of Ramp Biscuits, and a Pomegranate Mimosa. With more than 100 recipes, Let’s Brunch puts a full menu on display, focusing on starters, soups, and salads; egg dishes; casseroles; meats; pastas; grits; sandwiches; breads; jams and syrups; desserts; and brunch cocktails.

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