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For me, when we came up with the name South & Pine it meant a couple of things. First, it was the endless rows of pine trees you often come across when you've grown up or traveled through our great state of Alabama. The way the trees smell on a scorching summer day, and the way they keep their poise through our grey winters. Secondly, Pine as in "to miss". Something about leaving the South always makes you miss it whether you grew up here or were just passing through. And nothing says southern like a welcoming sense of home. A glass of sweet tea on a front porch. South & Pine is my way of welcoming you into our home. Sit with me for awhile and have a glass. 

My name is Meghann and I am the mother to 4 little boys and the wife to an amazing husband. I opened up South & Pine four years ago right on Main Street in downtown Madison, Alabama. My husband was born and raised in Madison and we both graduated from the local high school. After college we both came back home and to get married and raise our family here. It was a dream of mine to open a store and even though my youngest son was only a few months old when I opened, I jumped right in. If not now, then when? What started with just home and gift since then has expanded. First, I opened up the baby store next door and called it Tiny Pines, then shut them both down for the pandemic, but luckily opened up online quickly after so that locals could shop while we delivered for free. Once the shops were able to reopen safely, then I tore down a wall to combine Tiny Pines and South & Pine into one large store. That decision and big construction project was the best thing that I have ever done in the shop. That allowed me to start offering creative workshops multiple times a month. What started off with candle making has boomed into all different workshops like olive oil infusion, floral arrangements, charcuterie, herbed salt, butter board, bath soak, just to name a few. We now even offer private workshops in our private workshop room that I just remodeled at the beginning of this year. There are also a number of home and gift items in the shop that are handmade like our candles, room sprays, diffusers, bath soaks, and perfume rollers. I take great pride in everything that I make and have also expanded to offer these items for wholesale to other stores across the US. You can find my handmade South & Pine products in over 20 states! 

South & Pine has definitely grown and changed in the past four years and I am so proud of what it is today. So next time you are in Madison, swing through downtown and come and see me. If we haven't had a chance to meet yet, I hope we do soon!

 - Meghann Delashaw - Owner South & Pine

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